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about us

We are Ciro:

The Coffee Importers and Roasters Organisation

As the largest manufacturer of pure coffee in South Africa, we are proud of an enduring 70-year-long heritage in the coffee trade.

Home to some of the country’s most iconic brands, our evolving and sought-after solutions have positioned Ciro as the preferred supplier of distinct beverage and support items. Commercial clients and consumers trust us to deliver consistent quality, innovative products, and excellent value through our high-standard offerings and global brand partnerships.

Internationally certified and locally accredited, Ciro also provides world-class barista training and expert technical support, helping our family of customers and partners minimise costs and focus on their core business.

“As the largest manufacturer of pure coffee in South Africa & with more than 70 years of experience, it is easy to understand why Ciro is a noteworthy front runner within the coffee service industry and renowned for consistent quality, innovative product formats and extra value offerings.”

Our History:

We’ve “bean” here for decades…

Our illustrious origin dates back to over seventy years ago when TW Becketts (1951), who owned the Five Roses brand, identified an opportunity to develop a tea and coffee offering focused on the exclusive needs of the hospitality market.

A division called The Coffee Importers and Roasters Organisation (CIRO) was created with a clear vision and purpose to:

  • Import the finest coffee beans from all over the world;
  • Develop and establish blend profiles that meet local tastes, with the Ciro brand representing flagship blends;
  • Create the best local roasting facility, ensuring maximum freshness and best in-cup quality.

As a result of accomplishing our initial goals over the years, our vision has evolved for the better. We have become the leading Away From Home beverage supplier with strong credentials and expertise in beverage solutions for all occasions.