Cafitesse Excellence Touch Screen

Cafitesse Excellence Touch is a two-bag-in-box dispenser. It is focused on high quality with respect to in-cup quality, dispenser design and sustainability. It will enable customers to serve excellent coffee and milk based drinks, with maximized convenience, hygiene, capacity, and better experience. For more information download the trade presenter HERE

Dimensions: 690(h) x 380 (w) x 524 (d) mm

Weight: 38kg



Cafitesse Excellence Compact Touch Screen

The Cafitesse Excellence Compact Touch is a high quality two bag-in-box dispenser that delivers a wide variety of great tasting coffee and other hot beverages in an appealing dispenser design. The new touchscreen will deliver more experience to consumers, allowing for personalization of their beverages and creating a modern design. For more information download the trade presenter HERE

Dimensions: 562 (h) x 390 (w) x 410 (d) mm

Weight: 22 kg





Cafitesse Exellence Compact Black

With the new Excellence Compact Black you can serve your visitors or employees a delicious black coffee. A smart choice when all you need is a no-frills solution for quality black coffee. The modern design is inspired by our successful Cafitesse machine range and highly appreciated by consumers. The Excellence Compact Black offers you the ideal combination of modern and intuitive design, great coffee quality and ultimate convenience. For more information download the trade presenter HERE

Dimensions: 562 (h) x 390 (w) x 426 (d) mm

Weight: 22 kg

NG120 Quantum

The Cafitesse Quantum machines are the ‘work horses’ within the Cafitesse portfolio: the most efficient machines to brew black coffee with high speed and large quantities in a short period of time. The quantum range is the ideal ‘back of house solution’ due to the quick filling of pots. For more information download the trade presenter HERE

Dimensions: 850 (h) x 260 (w) x 521 (d) mm

Weight: 34 kg





Cafitesse Excellence Compact

Very easy to clean and refill, with an ECO standby mode, adjustable coffee strength and cup size providing a wide range of aromatic coffees. This elegantly designed, compact machine offering numerous possibilities within a small space. ‘- 10-25 employees or guests
– 7 standard drink variations
– 6 sec/cup – 42 sec/1.5l pot
– High capacity with high quality coffee

Dimensions: 560 (h) x 380 (w) x 406 (d) mm

Weight: 22kg



Cafitesse Excellence

Brings top quality components and design together. It’s for good reason that the Cafitesse Excellence has received the GIO-award, a recognition of design, craftsmanship and commercial appeal. This coffee machine makes a positive statement about every business that has it. “-20-80 employees or guests
-12 standard variations
-6 sec/cup, 30sec/pot (900ml)
-Only 10 minutes of cleaning time per week

Dimensions: 690 (h) x 380 (w) x 524 (d) mm

Weight: 39 kg





Caf 50

The Cafitesse 50 is a handy, versatile coffee machine that can go anywhere there’s a power supply. It has its own water reservoir so doesn’t need to be connected to a tap. Ideal for small businesses, company departments, waiting rooms and reception areas, its flexibility also makes it suitable for use in temporary set-ups such as exhibition stands.

Dimensions: 560 (h) x 325 (w) x 360 (d) mm

Weight: 12kg

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