Espresso Machines




Wega – Greenline

Aim high: choose Wega Greenline. The maximum expression of Wega technology, in the service of environmental sustainability. A completely new design with clean minimalist lines frame an absolutely innovative, high performance and efficient coffee machine. The night time stand-by function, combined with the Multi-boiler and Self Learning Software technology, means that the Wega concept can obtain energy savings certified at 48% on stand-by and 30% when in operation.

Dimensions: 590 (h) x 800 (w) x 580 (d) mm

Weight: 95 kg





Wega – Atlas

This model is the first of its kind with an ergonomic button panel located vertically above each group. Options include a LED light to illuminate the working area. Offering all of the Wega reliabilitity, one has come to expect from the Italain manufacturer.

Dimensions: 520 (h) x 740 (w) x 570 (d) mm

Weight: 78 kg






Wega Sphera

Sphera unites class and practicality, furnishing it’s space with distinction. This machine comes with 6 programmable doses per group with manual brewing button. With two steam wands with slide lever control taps, temperature controlled hot water supply and an electronically controlled cup warmer – all of the features you will need to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Dimensions: 530 (h) x 960 (w) x 560 (d) mm

Weight: 68 kg


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