Office Direct

Relevant range of small to medium vending equipment, ranging from instant to bean formats. As well as coffee shop concepts for corporate environments.



Coffee Moments

  • Free Issue Solutions, High Street Coffee packages, Boardroom Solutions, tiered offerings to fit all consumption moments but the relationship is held directly with the customer.



Supporting Your Coffee Service

  • Tiered basket offerings and individual portions for pilferage monitoring.
  • Telemetry offering to improve service offering and beverage offering to customers.
  • Crockery for dining in or on the go occasions.



Services To Underpin Your Coffee Needs

Technically experienced team for on the phone support and quick repair call out times, making sure you can always deliver your best quality beverage to your customer.

Training and Value add staff training of Baristas and potential staff employment through Barista upliftment programme. Paid for staff training for all other beverage skills. Distribution availability, speed to market and meeting customer expectations, is of vital importance

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