Sugars and Creamers

As part of our full basket offering, we can supply a range of sugars and sweeteners in stick packs or bulk-format, we also carry Lavazza and Ciro branded sugar sticks to complement our brand offerings. Bespoke sugar can be created as well, provided you are able to meet the minimum off take.

Creamers and whiteners are convenient solutions when fresh milk is not available and work really well for on the go events. We have different formats of creamers and milks portions including Ellis Brown, one of South Africa’s leading creamer brands. Ellis Brown is a powdered non-dairy creamer, which can conveniently be used to whiten both tea and coffee. We love the way Ellis Brown’s deliciously rich and creamy taste enriches beverages, recipes and meals. In addition, we also offer a tea whitener under the Ciro brand, in a range of pack formats.

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