Cafitesse 50

A handy, versatile coffee machine that’s ideal for small businesses, company departments, waiting rooms and reception areas.

Dimensions: 325x360x560mm

Weight: 12 kg





Cafitesse Excellence

Brings top quality components and design together. It’s for good reason that the Cafitesse Excellence has received the GIO-award, a recognition of design, craftsmanship and commercial appeal. This coffee machine makes a positive statement about every business that has it.

Dimensions: 380x524x690mm

Weight: 39 kg



Cafitesse Excellence Compact

Very easy to clean and refill, with an ECO standby mode, adjustable coffee strength and cup size, wide range of aromatic coffees, Elegantly designed, compact machine offering numerous possibilities within a small space

Dimensions: 386x420x560mm

Weight: 22 kg





NG 120

Suitable for large group, Fast, High quality construction, Robus design, Low maintenance

Dimensions: 540x541x940mm

Weight: 34 kg