Great coffee is much more than a satisfying drink, it’s an experience that embraces flavour, aroma, aesthetics, and ambience and Jacobs provides this complete package. Create your own perfect coffee experience with smartly designed, easy-to-use Cafitesse liquid coffee machines, Jacobs espresso beans, or Jacobs Kronung 100% freeze-dried instant coffee.

Over time the Cafitesse liquid coffee system has become widely popular in offices, health care organisations, hotels, and other public buildings. With its unique technology and stay-fresh packaging system, liquid coffee creates consistently perfect drinks.

Brewed at the Jacobs Douwe Egberts roastery to HACCP guidelines, Cafitesse is manufactured in the most sterile conditions in order to meet the strictest hygiene standards. Packed and frozen in a bag in a box, ensuring no human contact with the coffee, each bag-in-a-box serves +/- 250 cups of coffee, reducing the amount of human interaction with the machine.

Download the trade presenter below for more information on this hygienic closed coffee system.

Cafitesse Hygienic Solution

As the sole distributor of the Jacobs Professional portfolio in Southern Africa, all sales, distribution and technical backups are handled by Ciro’s regional expertise and on-going support from Jacobs Douwe Egberts international

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Equipment Offering

As a professional full service beverage provider offering the right equipment is essential. By product category we have various coffee machines or equipment that serve the needs of our customers in terms of proposition and capacity.


Marketing Support

Jacobs is supported with a variety of marketing materials, such as machine branding, promotional drives, loyalty cards and accessories that provide brand visibility to build a co-ordinated image that leaves a lasting and memorable experience.


Point of Sale

There is great importance around supplying our customers with branded point of sale to help ensure the customers experience is always one of enjoyment and everlasting which helps to complete your hot beverage solution. Moreover, research shows that branding increases the perceived in cup quality of your drinks. 

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