House of Coffees

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Having originally started as a small family shop in downtown Johannesburg, with a vision to bring Mediterranean love, passion and a coffee culture to South Africa; the little shop soon flourished into the most trusted retail and professional filter coffee brand in South Africa. House of Coffees currently boasts over 50 years of quality products and services and continues to bring expertise, innovation and real-life coffee pleasures to the market it originally created.



Superior Value Offering



Product Offering

House of Coffees brings you quality, the way coffee is meant to be experienced, with flavour, body and aroma in perfect unison. House of Coffees brings the Out of Home Market an unique professional range, spanning from filter coffee to espresso blends. As well as offering a deliciously, convenient, sweet and creamy coffee drink, with individual plunger packs, beverage caddy sticks and bulk pack configurations. All provided in formats that cater to your serving requirements.

Market support

Marketing Support

As part of the superior value offering, House of coffees offers its customers access to local and international market insights, menu development, assistance with Coffee shop designs and promotional element to assist with brand presence and volume uplift.

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