Blacksmith Coffee Movement

It all starts with a great cup of coffee. That’s where our journey begins.

A creator. By hand. Pure. Honest. Beautiful. I love my work.

The Blacksmith Coffee Movement was born out of a simple idea that great coffee can do good things. Blacksmith is a movement for social change and a platform for job creation and skills development within the coffee industry. It is about the transformation of our youth’s potential into tangible opportunities that are realised within the coffee industry.

Blacksmith Coffee Movement is not only about the crafting of beautiful coffee blends from sustainable sources; its real purpose is what comes after that.


Superior Value Offering


Product Offering

Coffee is all about passion and heart. By offering organic, Fairtrade and relationship coffee blends, ensures the coffee experience is one that benefits everyone involved.

All 3 Blacksmith coffees are Arabica blends and have been locally certified. Continuously adding to the range the newest offerings are filter and pod coffee.


Marketing Support

Blacksmith is supported by Ciro and has a variety of beautifully crafted Marketing material, such as barista uniforms, loyalty cards and hard wearing crockery, that are available to outlets that support the coffee movement.


Point of Sale

There is great importance around supplying our customers with branded point of sale to help ensure the customers experience is always one of enjoyment and everlasting.

From crockery to accessories, our sales staff are trained to recommend qualifying accessories that would work for your business – always presented in a professional manner.


Barista Upliftment Programme

Through initiatives such as the Barista Upliftment Programme (BUP), Blacksmith aims to promote training and development among unemployed youths. By contributing to the training of new baristas with every cup of Blacksmith bought, YOU can help bring the traditional African spirit of Ubuntu to the modern coffee culture.

Trainee baristas are selected and put through a three-month BUP where they are trained and up-skilled to be professional baristas. The training includes programmes such as The History of Coffee, Coffee Recipes, Taste Profiles and Barista Competition Training (to name a few). The full cost of the fees is covered by the proceeds from the sales of Blacksmith coffee.

But that’s not where the story ends! Upon completion of the training programme, we also assist the BUP graduates with finding employment within the coffee industry as professional baristas. This isn’t just because we love and believe in what we do, but because we want you to discover the beauty of Blacksmith and all those that are a part of the movement. This programme is a vital element of doing good things with great coffee.



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