Ciro – a Full Service Beverage Company

The Coffee Importers and Roasters Organisation (CIRO) is a true coffee emporium. As the preferred one-stop solution, Ciro offers expert services in sourcing, roasting, blending, packaging, training, equipment, technical support, national and international distribution and market trend analysis.

As the largest manufacturer of pure coffee in South Africa, it is easy to understand why Ciro is a noteworthy front runner within the coffee service industry and renowned for consistent quality, innovative product formats and extra value offering.

Ciro is one of the most trusted names by both consumers and the trade in the Away-from-Home market and this has been achieved through our expertise in espresso and filter offerings; value-adding support services; world-class barista training; global brand partnerships; and consistent high-standard offerings – which all helps our family of customers and partners minimise costs and focus on their core business.




Our Services

We provide expertise and services across a wide range of different channels to a widespread and diverse customer base.


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We offer a wide selection of courses and certifications in the beverage industry to equip trainees with the necessary skills to become successful Baristas.


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We offer an extensive range of various equipment of high quality coffee and vending machines for home or business use.


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Our Products

Check out our extensive range of products from coffee, tea and instant mixes all with varied beverage support.


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